Time to wrap up!

As week 12 of this learning journey comes to a close, I couldn’t be happier with the areas I got to practice and improve on.

From fears when using git rebase to learning how impatience can be a positive thing, my Git mentors helped me work on both tech and soft skills, while the Wireshark team was a reliable source of technical knowledge and feedback.

Thanks to jrnieder‘s and nasamuffin‘s consistent encouragement and support, all the guidance from Pascal and the Wireshark team (thanks Richard and Peter!), and all the practice I got (from reinforcing fundamentals in C to writing test cases in Python), I am now more confident in finding ways to sustain my contributions in the open source community, contributions that have now also strengthened in usefulness and depth.

After improving the base functionality of the Git protocol support in Wireshark, as well as adding the basis for HTTPS support, starting the testing suite in Wireshark for the Git protocol, and improving a few documentation items in both Wireshark and Git, there’s still lots that need to be done. The upcoming Outreachy intern that joins this project will hopefully have a clearer roadmap, and lots of fun in tackling any of these:

  • Adding SSH-connection support
  • Adding session-id tracking for stateful connections
  • Following up on #17093 and improving everything!!

I hope they take a look at my blog and realize what a treat is coming their way!! And although there’s always stressful and/or difficult moments, determination and patience will get them through everything. Specially with such dedicated guidance and attention from the Git team!

And hopefully, the core values they identify in their 1st blog post will serve them as beacon to keep going, similarly to how it was for me;
Looking back to my 1st post 3 months ago, striving for Balance between patience and impatience, and between autonomy and guidance, played a major role in the achieved Growth for the type and quality of Contribution that stands as my ultimate goal. I’m sure determination and persistence will likely assist the next intern too, and under the patient guidance of the Git mentors, I can’t wait to see what else will improve and change in this project, I’ll be sure to take a look!

And, likewise, visit my about.me page and keep in touch!

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