“Modifying Expectations”

Talk about being slow… As a person with lots of hand problems (thanks grandma, thanks mom!), typing has become increasingly laborious over the years, yet this is one more story where the responsibility of the problem lies more in my head than anywhere else. But, hey, as long as my hands don’t hurt, can’t complain!!

The original goal of the project, to “Add Git protocol support to Wireshark” by improving the existing Git protocol dissector for requests tunneled through raw TCP, originally had 2 main tasks; to add HTTPS and SSH dissection support.

Upon starting the program in December it became evident that some fundamental parsing needed to be done first, not only for ease of reading and filtering, but also to help me get familiar with existing work, to help me define (and understand!) a road-map to follow, and of course, to get a sense of my speed (or lack of XD).

This part definitely took a lot longer than expected.

Building on existing work to complete the first MR (!1313, credits on previous post!) took me most of the 1st month itself! And although there were other things to contend with (Xmas, lots of reading and documentation to absorb, understanding said documentation and relating it to the actual code, find examples to focus on as opposed to falling down endless rabbit holes…), it was “the joy of discovery” (wink jrnieder!) and the persistence of moving forward towards a plan that kept me motivated.

This 2nd month, although still slower than I would’ve preferred, things feel like they’re falling faster into place.

Just today, and through careful and patient guidance from my mentor Emily, managed to finally do a cherry-pick/squash and actually understand the steps around it. Tears of joy!

Also, another MR with more output parsing is on the way, and that HTTPS support work that I’ve been so looking forward to (credits also on a previous post), is finally starting to happen in another commit. Not bad for my arthritic hands, huh? ^^

For the next half of the program, I’ll continue with pending items from issue #17093 relating to testing and documentation of current changes and then, hopefully, will get to work on adding SSH support.

Can’t wait!

One thought on ““Modifying Expectations”

  1. Hey! Up until reading this and your previous post, I didn’t know your project also involved parsing protocols (to some extent). That’s cool. I have been using Wireshark to inspect and understand PostgreSQL packets, and it’s an awesome tool. “Playing” with it makes the task of writing the parsers more concrete, somehow. It still feels more scary or complicated than I’d like it to be, sometimes, though… Kudos on achieving a faster pace this second month! 🙂

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